Duration: 1 Month

Fee: Rs.5000/-


PRO-Engineer (CREO)


Sketcher Mode, Sketcher Environment, Drawing a Sketch Using the Sketcher Tools, Dimensioning the Sketch, Sketched Entities Constraint, Modifying Dimensions, Fillets, Reference coordinate system, Splines, Moving and Resizing, Importing 2D Drawing


General Interaction, Parametric Models, Basic Modeling, Using a Template, Cut Feature, Intent Manager, Manipulating Sketches, Rounds, Basic Modifications, Datum’s, Holes. More Features, Sweeps and Blends, Resolve Features, Layers, Visualizations


Bottom-up Assembly, Top-up Assembly Components, Redefining the Components of an Assembly, Reordering the Components, Replacing Components, Modifying the Components, Creating the Exploded state, Bill of Material(BOM),Editing Assemblies

Advanced Modeling

Datum Points, Datum Curves, Relations, Sketcher, Variable Section Sweep, Standard Holes, User defined Features, Advanced Patterns, Family Tables ,Advanced Rounds, Helical Sweep, Creating a Map key


Creating Drawing, Sections, Detailing, Tolerances, GD & T, Text, Formats, Assembly Drawings


Blended Surfaces ,Two parallel Curves ,Several parallel curves ,Non-parallel Curves ,Curves in 2 Directions ,Swept Blend ,Working with Surfaces, Merge ,Trim ,Solidify ,Offset ,Mirror ,Thicken ,Advanced Surfaces ,Rounds ,Blend Control Points ,Tangency Conditions ,Extend Surface ,Extension Distance ,Wrap Feature

Sheet Metal

The User Interface, Introduction, Terms, Toolbar, Object Selection and Viewing, Methodology, Unattached Walls, Extrude, Revolve and Flat Walls, Blend and Offset Walls, Additional Walls, Extend and Merge Walls Bend and Unbend, Cut, Round, Chamfer and Hole, Punch and Notch, Bend Back, Form Features, Flat Pattern and Flattern, Connect ,Deform Area, Bend Allowance, Setup and Parameters, Bend Order Tables, Projects

Duration: 1 Month

Fee: Rs.5000/

Solid Works

Solid works contents
Parts and Features
Drawings and Detailing
Sheet metal
Import and Export
Motion Studies

Duration: 1 Month

Fee: Rs.5000/-


User Interface, Managing Files
Visualizing Models, Specification Tree
Managing Geometry

Part Design

Introduction to part Design
Basic Sketch Based Features, Dress Up Features
Patterns, Additional Dress Up Features

Assembly Design

Basic Assemblies, Assembly Overview,
Assembly Workbench, Product Specification Tree,
Component Reposition Methods, Creating Bottom-Up Assembly,
Assembly Constraints

Wireframe and Surface

Basic Wireframe Geometry, Basic Surfaces
Geometrical Sets


Drafting Introduction, Geometry Creation
Geometry Modification, Dress Ups
View Creation, Secondary Views
Editing Drawing, Dimensioning
Annotations, Draft Tools
Bordering Creation Ballons with Bill of Materials (BOM)
Filtering Assembly Drawing Views
Customizing Your Drawing Sheet
Drafting Workshop
Generative Sheet Metal Design
Introduction, Parameters
Walls, Bends, Features
Stampings, Operations, Drawing, GD &T

Duration: 1 Month

Fee: Rs.5000/


Using the AutoCAD Modules, 3D User Interface
Viewing 3D Models, Views
Modifying 3D Models, Surface Modeling
Solid Modeling, solid editing
Sectioning solids, meshing
Revolving, extrusion, loft, sweep, shell, slice
Helix, mass properties, press/pull
Separate, planner surface, project work