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Permanent Recruitment

Permanency and commitment are attributes that not only people, but companies seek too. Providing comprehensive answers and permanent recruitment solutions, in a changeable world are a specialty with NSRC. Unlike generic hirers who just load you with irrelevant resumes, experts at NSRC begin by understanding the niche needs of the client. Well versant with the breadth and depth of the Recruitment Industry, we have both the expertise and experience critical in recruitment of such resource. And so, we help you excel by giving you the best ourselves. The dynamics of permanent recruitments are quite unique, and the role of NSRC comes in right at the beginning. We help our clients with not just an extensive database to source resource from, but also the most apt strategies and new-age practices for selection. We also help in streamlining the recruitment process in a manner that gets organizations the maximum results in the minimal time frames. The other distinctive area of Permanent recruitment where our role becomes most prominent includes:

  • Offer quality services and technology-driven solutions
  • Improved recruitment processes customized as per clientele
  • Effective and superior delivery system
Quick turnaround time:

The process of permanent recruitments involves many aspects that form part of the recruitment cycle. Right from sourcing, screening and selecting candidates to shortlisting profiles for the client, to offer negotiations and finally a regular follow up for their joining, we provide the complete solutions that most companies desire. Our track record is proof that we have helped clients not just select and retain the most suitable staff, but also the best minds; people who can easily gel with the company’s culture and objectives.

Project Based Hiring:
Quick Quality with Quantity:

Circumstances where companies need to hire on a huge scale and quickly, can often arise for any organization. This often happens during peak work seasons and companies are often at a loss on where to go. Project base hiring is often a challenge for organizations as they need to identify a huge talent pool, interview people, negotiate terms and hire quickly and effectively. While this is a difficult area, it is not an impossible one. With NSRC Staffing on your side, you can expect complete dedication and support even at the eleventh hour. We help you with quick access to a ready database of relevant people, screening, interviewing, hiring and even retention support. A few areas where we stand by you include,

  • Innovative and cost effective bulk hiring
  • Conducting mass recruitment drives across cities
  • Unique technology powered processes for quick quality hiring

Quick turnaround in managing project based hiring:

Project base hiring is a tough area of operation, but because NSRC Staffing works with a niche focus, it is successful in this challenging area too. Our recruitment cycle makes use of a tried and tested process, whereby we ensure that only the best employees are selected through the screening process and sent to you for the final interview.

Young Professional Recruitment:

The smart way to gain access to fresh graduates at workable pay-scales minus cultural baggage is through campus. Over the years, more and more companies are looking to hire on campus, as it is easier to get enthusiastic people, train and mold them into the company’s culture and towards its objectives. While being beneficial, hiring young talent from campus is equally tedious, draining out many organizations of their time and resources. NSRC is not just an experienced hand at handling such recruitments, but does so with the best approach, at most reasonable costs within the most suitable time frames. NSRC Staffing professionals can assist in this area too by,

  • Identifying quality institutions and their campus-interview schedules
  • Unique hiring model with minimum administrative costs
  • Minimal line manager participation required

Hiring for young professional is a process that begins with understanding company requirements, mapping the right techniques for interview and selection, negotiating terms and coordinating efforts between students, teachers and hiring-companies. We provide the complete solutions, starting from the stage of identifying such a need and fulfilling it with the right people.

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About the Nanocdac

Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., branches at Hyderabad & Nagpur. The centre is involved in the design and development of electronics, electrical, IT & mechanical based systems. Our technological focus on Embedded, VLSI, Matlab, PLC & Scada, Catia, Autocad, PHP, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Ansys & Pro-E etc.

Our Location


Head Office: 604, Opp. Lane to R.S. Brothers, Siri Estates,
Ameetpet, Hyderabad -500016

Branch Office: Opp. toLIT College, Bharath Nagar,Nagpur

Phone: +(91) 40-23754144