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Business Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to create client satisfaction, trust and success, generated by motivated and committed employees .We believes in ethical behavior and technical competence. We promote innovation, which is taking a good concept and turning it into a great reality. It is offering clients something they cannot receive elsewhere. We continually look for improvements because there is always a better way of doing things. We will work in close collaboration with clients to create practical IT solutions.

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About the Nanocdac

Nano Scientific Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., branches at Hyderabad & Nagpur. The centre is involved in the design and development of electronics, electrical, IT & mechanical based systems. Our technological focus on Embedded, VLSI, Matlab, PLC & Scada, Catia, Autocad, PHP, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Ansys & Pro-E etc.

Our Location


Head Office: 604, Opp. Lane to R.S. Brothers, Siri Estates,
Ameetpet, Hyderabad -500016

Branch Office: Opp. toLIT College, Bharath Nagar,Nagpur

Phone: +(91) 40-23754144